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Friday, January 29, 2021

61 NPC Search Capability; Posters identified from 1992 Poster Catalog


Info from the new catalogs has arrived from Bruce and I will get to that in a minute. 

                               BLOG SEARCH CAPABILITY 

First though I want to point out that by request of NPC readership I have added a search function. This should be especially handy for those who don't know if a NPC is type 1  or 2 or 3 or 4 and don't know the poster number. Instead of searching through all the blogs, you can now go to the exact post you need. 

Free information and I don't even make you sit through a commercial. Nike should be paying me to do this since they claim they do not have this information (yes, I know, hard to believe) 

Below are the 3 posters that have been identified by the catalog and assignment of three other numbers to related materials. Namely 290953 refers to a Michael Jordan calendar NOT a poster, 290975 refers to "Spike and Mike" trading cards NOT a poster ,  290976 to Sergey Bubka, 290981 to Katerin Krabbe, 290990 to a "Bo knows Bo" sports video NOT a poster and 291000 to "A Century of Basketball" . The 3 poster pictures  have been inserted into their numerical blogs dealing with those poster numbers, so they can be identified numerically later on,  as well as being shown below. This does not mean there are NPC for those 3 posters but it does tell us what the poster cards look like if they do exist. From there numerical position we also know they would be type 3 and they would have been issued in 1991 IF THEY EXIST. 

This great find by Bruce has eliminated 6 of our unassigned numbers from our checklist.

290976 Sergey Bubka

 290981 Katarin Krabbe

291000 A Century of Hoops

I double dare you to find pictures of these posters anywhere else on the internet !

Sunday, January 24, 2021

60 Type 4 NPCs from 1988/89


In  blog 30 we looked at four  type 4 poster cards. Since then new information has become available which help us to place these cards in the scheme of NPC.  The 4 NPC are shown below. 

Supreme Court: the most famous of the four contains from L to R  Sidney  Moncrief, Michael  Jordan, Charles Barkley, Moses  Malone, Chuck  Person, Ron Harper and Alvin Robertson. We previously concluded that it must come from 1986 - 1989 based on their career years. 

The next one is labeled "the big guys and without question is a poster of the "athletics West" team supported by Nike in the late 1980s. 

The 3rd poster is more mysterious and pictures a female athlete leaning on what looks like  Greek pillar or column. 

The 4th NPC depicts a cyclist  cycling across a large bridge (Golden Gate ??) 

The first new info is that after checking with poster expert Bruce Fisher we can confirm that all 4 of these NPC have equivalent posters. Bruce has or has seen all of them. 

Further new info is that we have just acquired a lot of ~50 NPC that have been in a poster card box (see blog #1) for years. They include only type 2 and type 4 NPC from the period 1988 - 1989 and include all 4 of these NPC. 

It is thus logical that we conclude that these 4 NPCs are the missing numbers 
818, 819, 872, and 880 and that they were issued in 1988 / 1989. 


59 New Nike Catalogs discovered ; Nike Poster Card Acronym now "NPC"

 Nike poster guru Bruce  ImaPaqRat Fisher reports that he has just picked up 2 new Nike poster catalogs (shown below) . They come from 1992 and 1993 so the 1992 catalog should be the last one that was issued with Nike poster cards numbered 290XXX and the 1993 catalog should contain poster cards that were in the new 4 x 6 inch format and using "OSP" numbers that all looked like 5XXX. Notice the 1993 catalog has written on the bottom of the cover "distributed by OSP publishing" 

See pic below of the letter from OSP stating that they took over in June 1992. This sets the exact date that the 5 x 7 NPC ended. As far as we know today, the last 5 x 7 published is still 291015. If that changes we will surely let you know.

Even though this blog only covers the 5 x 7 1982-1992 poster cards, we know the catalogs always offer popular posters from previous years so there may be new info to learn from the 1993 catalog as well. 

1992 catalog

1993 catalog

OSP Letter 

Aside from the posters that are shown, another interesting tidbit from the 1992 catalog are photos of the tabletop and floor displays for the poster cards (shown below) Although you       probably cannot read them, we are also given the order numbers for these displays. The floor model being 290956 and the table top model being 291013 . If we insert these into the chronological numbers list in tables from the blogs it means that the floor model was introduced in 1991 and the newer table top model in 1992. This accounts for two of the missing numbers in our assigned series. 

When Bruce gets me copies of the pages of the catalogs I will have more to say about the info they contain. Stay tuned.....


Erikthredd who is famous for his Jordan Nike poster card collection thread :

suggests we use the acronym NPC for Nike Poster card and I agree, since I'm the one on this blog having to type it over and over again. So NPC it is.  

Hope everyone is staying away from Covid and had a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.