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Thursday, May 6, 2021

70. Nike Poster Cards - 1986 Nike Poster Release letter found

In my attempts to develop accurate publication dates for NPC we have described the tools available such as the poster catalogs that were produced in several of the years, dates actually put directly on some of the posters and order sheets found for several years. 

For a few of the NPC we could not pin down exactly what year they were produced so we listed them with a range i.e 1985-86.

A EBay auction that is currently ongoing for a few dozen of the NPC has a  Nike document included which describes the release of 1986 posters on Nov 12, 1986. This is pertinent to the following NPCs.

While we had Gwynn, Carter, Joyner and Men at Work pegged right on for 1986, This letter lets us put an exact date on the football posters 859 - 861 which were listed as 1985/86. Since the Minute Boll poster is sandwiched in between it also becomes a 1986 poster. 

I will be correcting this date in the blog lists shown in blogs 4 and 50 so as not to cause confusion and will inform our contact at PSA . 

290859  Football - Lipps and Hayes    1986

290860  Lotts Lot - Ronnie Lott            1986

290861 The Judge - Lester Hayes       1986

290862  Manute Boll growth chart        1986

290863 Hitting Machine - Tony Gwynn  1986

290864  Gary Carter                               1986

290865  Wally World - Wally Joyner       1986

290866 Men at Work                               1986

Tuesday, May 4, 2021

69. NPC - Early Variations


In blogs 5 - 9 we discussed variations that exist for at least 9 of the NPC in terms of the identifying information that is printed on their backs . Thought I would show two examples of PSA now accepting those variations and labeling as such. 

PSA indicates that they are now charging $10 each to relabel such cards, but of course that was before the recent shutdown.  We will see what happens to all pricing when they come back up . They claim that will be this summer, I predict it will be late in the fall based on reports of how many million cards they are behind grading.  

Below are the backs. We are pretty sure that the variation with the least information is the earlier prints in terms of chronology.