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Thursday, May 12, 2022

86 Full NIKE Poster card checklist in numerical order May 2022


Below find our up to date checklist in numerical order. Thanks to KC we can now fill in all of the missing Nike product numbers except the 7 remaining type 1 missing numbers which we are pretty sure were assigned but for a number of reasons never used. 

Thus there appears to be 242 different cards / variations as shown below .

Quite a set indeed ! Does anyone have the full set ?? KC does not, I do not ...Anyone out there ??

Sunday, May 8, 2022

85. the History of Nike Poster Cards ....per KC....part 5f.....type 3 290984 - 291015

Now lets finish of our detailed look at type 3 Nike Poster cards with 290984 through 291015 . From multiple sources we know that this carries us through June of 1992.

We already knew the identity of 290986, 290990, 290991, 290999, 291000, 291006, 291007, 291008, 290009. None of these had NPCs.

KC can now confirm that 290992 was assigned to the Jordan pop art poster 290965, but in this case it was for Jordan signed copies (wish I had one of these !)

KC confirms that 291011 was assigned to the "MLK" poster (shown below)  which for some reason was not picked up by the commercial group and given a NPC product number

291012 was assigned to the poster catalog order form, 290013 was assigned to a 1992 counter top display and 291014 was issues to a reprinting of the "just do it" poster 290889 but was not issued a new NPC. 

                                                                291011 MLK poster

With that we have now assigned all the Nike product numbers for the type 3 NPC, a feat which at times I thought would be impossible.  

Blog 86 will be the complete numerical listing as we know it as of May 2022 

After that I will be spending some time going back and sending readers of the earlier blogs t these later blogs for updated information. Thank you for your patience and thank KC for all the valuable information that we could not have gotten any other way. 


84. the History of Nike Poster Cards ....per KC....part 5e.....type 3 290957 - 290983

Continuing our look at type 3 NPC from 290957 through 290983 all issued in 1991. This group had a lot of missing Nike product codes which KC has now clarified for us. 

We had previously identified 290965 as  Jordan Pop art poster (shown below) , 290975 as the Spike and Mike card set , 290976 as Sergey Bubka and 290981 as Katrin Krabbe none of which had NPC assigned to them.

KC now informs us that 290960 was  never assigned. 290969 was a calendar display. 290971 - 290974 have been a mysterious quartet with rumors that they were "womens posters" (whatever that means) KC can now confirm that these were 4 posters issued in 1991 entitled "Your mother", "Say Yes", "Marilyn (Monroe)" and "40 Year old" and 290977 was a "poster pack of the 4 womens posters"   None of these had corresponding NPCs.

                                                         290965 Jordan Pop Art Poster 


83. the History of Nike Poster Cards ....per KC....part 5d.....type 3 290928 - 290956


Now lets look in detail at type 3 290928 - 290956.

We were already aware of the disposition of the Nike product numbers 290930, 290931, 290932, 290944, 290953, 290954, 290955. We now know from KC that 290934 was assigned to a 72 poster display bin (shown below) and 290956 to a floor display unit. 

82. the History of Nike Poster Cards ....per KC....part 5c.....type 3 290900 - 290927

Continuing our look at the type 3 Nike Poster cards lets look in more detail at 290900 - 290927.

We had already previously identified 290900, 290906, 290907 290917, 290924 and through Nike Mike confirmed that these Nike product numbers had no NPC assigned to them. We now know from KC that 290915 was assigned to "Endless Summer" but was deactivated before it was used. 

81. the History of Nike Poster Cards ....per KC....part 5b.....type 3 290829 - 290849

Now Lets start looking in detail at the type 3 poster cards. 

KC informs us that posters 290829 - 290834 were issued in Nov of 1989. The NPC followed close behind with 829, 831 and 834 coming out in late 1989 but 830, 832 discrepancy in chronological dating.

Previously missing number 836 was assigned to the Mark Jackson poster "Air Pressure" (shown below). It had no NPC.

KC informs us that previously missing number 847 was accidentally issued to "GoBo" but was never used. 

290836 Air Pressure Poster

80 The History of Nike Poster Cards ....per KC....Part 5a... Type 3 The complete type 3 checklist

Now we will begin to finish up with the 4th type of Nike poster card "type 3" where the information about the poster is printed on the front of the card / mini poster. 

As stated in blog 76, Starting with 290829 "Cycling Storm" in late 1989  Nike moved to the new format of heavier paper stock with product information on the front. 

So below we find the full list of type 3 NPC that were issued from late 1989 through June 1992.  Then we will begin to discuss the additions and changes that have been made in subsequent blogs.


Friday, April 22, 2022

79 The history of Nike Poster Cards ....per KC....Part 4... Type 2

Now that we have types 1 and 4 under our belt, time to move on to type 2. Type 2 NPCs were  printed in 1989 and consisted of reissues of blank back type 4 NPC's from 1988 and new posters. 

... As we have stated in blog #78, a lot of the blank back type 4s were reprinted in 1989 as type 2's. Those are all listed in blog # 78. Starting with 290888 in Feb of 1989 info was again printed on the backs of the poster cards to identify them. It was decided that the poster cards and catalogs needed to contain product code information so all NPC after the 1988 batch of blank backs contained description and product code information on either their backs or fronts.

The no finish line series 290812 - 290816 were reissued in 1989 as type 2's followed by new NPC for 290820 "Agassi II" - 290827 "Aqua Gear". 

Similarly the other grouping of type 4 blank backs  were reprinted in 1989 starting with "Mr Barkley" 290873 through "Serious Hangtime 290887" (not all, just those listed) . Type 2 issues continued from 290888 "High Flying 360" through 290899 "All conditions Gear" 

291884 "For Women Only" was also pulled into the retail poster list keeping its advertising number. 

Shown below are the new type 2 NPC and subsequent reprints of them. As stated, type 2 reprints of type 4 NPCs of 1988 are detailed in blog 78.   

Monday, April 18, 2022

78 The history of Nike Poster Cards ....per KC....Part 3... Type 4


Next we will look at Type 4 since KC assures us that chronologically that was the next type that was produced. 

This is the blank backed grouping so through the decades it has been the most mysterious of the 4 groups. We all knew they belonged in the set but why in the world would anyone issue them without and product code or title ???

Now that this paradox has been explained by KC lets take a look at what type 4 was all about. 

As noted in blog 76 in late 1987 a new director was hired for the retail poster program who chose to use a less costly, thinner paper stock and left off the poster descriptions off entirely (cheaper if you don't have to print on the back ). The posters already lined up, i.e.  Mike Schmidt Superman, Lethal Weapon, Supreme Court II, Mr Barkley & Earth/Mars) were given product numbers 290870 - 290874 continuing where "Ohio Flyer" left off......and thus type 4 was born... 

At this same time (1988) Strange Thoughts (291543) and Hit and Run (291621- 2 poster cards), created by the advertising team in late 1987 were also added to the retail poster list without changing the product codes assigned by the advertising team, thus the 291XXX numbering that has puzzled us collectors for so many years.. 

They then decided to "back fill" the poster code gap and went back to 290811 for Mark Jacksons "Home Town" in 1988 and finishing with 290819 "Cycling the Golden Gate Bridge" 

Again they added advertising poster "Big Guys" 291776 and "Picture of Fitness" (the mysterious female athlete leaning into the Greek Column)  keeping the advertising product numbers. 

Many of these were reprinted in 1989 with descriptions on the back (type 2) when management turned over again in the summer of 1988.

This accounts for  30 different type 4 NPC's  which had subsequent reprint variations. This is all depicted in the revised checklist  printed below for Type 4

TYPE 4  290870 - 290887  (1988)

Type 4 TYPE 4  290811 - 290819  (1988)

TYPE 4 291543 - 291776

**Poster cards not previously shown or discussed or cards that have been redated or renumbered are all shown below.** 

290870 - 290887 have been previously discussed in blogs # 25 - 29. 

290873 Mr Barkley 

"Mr Barkley" was originally issues as a type 4 in 1988 and reissued in 1989 as a type 2


290875 Clark

290875 "Clark" was originally issues as a type 4 in 1988 and reissued in 1989 as a type 2

290876 McGwire 

McGwire was originally issues as a type 4 in 1988 and reissued in 1989 as a type 2

290879 "Ace Of Hearts" 

was issued as a type 4 in 1988 and reissued as a type 2 in 1989 

290881 Wimps Need not Apply 

KC informs us that 881 Wimps Need Not Apply was originally produced as a 7" x 7" blank back type 4 NPC but the poster was withdrawn because one of the wrestlers in the picture was going to loose his NCAA eligibility due to the poster. It was then reissued, with different wrestlers, as a type 2 in 1989 and then reprinted again in 1991 as a type 3


290882  "The Ballplayer"

290882 Bo Jacksons "The Ballplayer" was issued blank backed in 1988 and then reprinted in 1989 as a type 2


290885 "I Love LA" and 290886 "Hockey Night in California" 

290885 and 290996 Wayne Gretzky's "I Love LA" and "Hockey Night in California" are the same image with different titles issued as a type 4 in 1988 and a type 2 in 1989.  

290887 Serious Hangtime 

290887 "Serious Hangtime was issued blank backed in 1988 and then reprinted in 1989 as a type 2

Type 4 Blank backed NPC 211 - 219 were previously discussed in blog # 25 and 26. The poster cards previously not disclosed are shown below. 

290818 "Cycling"

KC identifies  NPC  290818 as Jeff Pierce.  This was first issued blank backed in 1988 and then miss identified and miss labeled as "Cycling Mark Allen" when reprinted in 1989. It is actually Jeff Pierce winner of the stage 25 of the 1987 tour de France cycling event as we described in blog # 56. 

290819 "Cycling the Golden Gate Bridge" 

The blank backed 290819 "Cycling the Golden Gate Bridge" is now identified as the missing number 290819

" Strange Thoughts" 291543 type 4 and the type 2 variation were discussed in blog # 73

Bo Jacksons "Hit and Run" type 4 and type 2 NPC's  were discussed in blog # 72

291776 , " Big Guys" and the female Athlete on the Greek Column poster 291857 (officially called “Picture of Fitness” by Nike) were discussed in blog #60 although their Nike Numbers were not known. As we pointed out they retained their advertising numbers and were not given numbers that chronologically fit with the rest of the group 4 NPC.