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Sunday, July 4, 2021

71. Nike Poster Cards - Great Time for Relabeling

While PSA is all but shut down to all but the highest end grading over the last few months, I have found that this is a great time to get Nike Poster cards (NPCs) "relabeled"

For those of you that dont know what I mean, when I finally finished the complete checklist and got PSA agree to grade all the NPCs this left man y of us with previously graded cards that had the incorrect year or them or were not labeled as the correct variation. If your thinking of starting an NPC set, that meant the cards no longer matched the set registry checklist. For instance, al the early type 1 cared were originally labeled generically 1983-1985 even though many of them were not issued in that span of years. 

Anyway PSA is now taking them in for relabeling and the good news is that they are turning around those orders in 2 weeks or so...yes, you heard me right ...from the day they are receiving my mail to the day I have the encased cards back has been ~ 14 days.  

Below are some examples of variations that are now graded properly.