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Tuesday, October 12, 2021

72. Bo Jax 291621 Hit and Run Found in Blank Backed type 4 Variations

 It's been awhile since my last Nike Poster Card blog. Things have slowed down for two reasons:

(1) The checklist is complete and all we are doing now is making corrections and finding a few stray cards that eluded us earlier in this quest and 
(2) The PSA crisis continues. PSA pricing for grading these 5 x 7s is $150 each and that has completely put a halt on my filling out my PSA graded set. 

Jordan Nike poster cards continue to go crazy. Sellers are seeking literally thousands of dollars for ungraded cards, yet if you check the EBay sold categories, very few of these have moved at those kind of prices. Thus Jordans appear at a standstill. Sellers wanting thousands and buyers offering hundreds.   

There is now a PSA set registry set for just the Nike Jordan cards. Right now Jordan Nike card collector "Erick the red" but he told me that he is also held up because of the current Jordan card pricing and PSA pricing.   Nonet-the-less take a look at his great incomplete set. I'm especially jealous of his (3) PSA 10's .

NEW BO JAX variations

I can point out a new set of variations have been found for the Bo Jackson Hit and Run cards. In blog 47 we detailed 291621 as type 2 cards with identical backs. We now find type 4 (backless) variations exist (see below) . I will update the checklists to reflect this. 

As of now it is hard to say what year these were released.