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Friday, November 20, 2020

57 Jordan Pop Art 290965


Nike poster expert Bruce  ImaPaqRat Fisher reports in with some fresh data on identifying 290965. We had heard rumors that  965 was a "Jordan Pop Art " poster . Bruce , through contact with a long time Nike employee can now verify for us that 965 is indeed the pop art poster shown below.  The poster was  custom framed for Nike.  The frame has the poster number on it, but the poster itself doesn't.  Neither of us have ever seen a Poster Card for "Jordan Pop Art" and really doubt it exists. This does however assign this here-to-fore missing number to this poster even if there is no matching poster card. 

Wednesday, November 11, 2020

56 Nike Assigned 2 poster cards to the number 290890 Both Mark Allen Cyclist posters


In blog 23 we discussed the Triathlete Mark Allen's type 2 Nike poster card 290890 which became know as "go like hell" 

A few years ago Nike poster collector Bruce "Imapaqrat" Fisher informed me that there was another Allen poster card which had the same Nike number. 

I can now confirm, because I have them both in my collection, that this is the case. 

The two poster cards are shown below.

here are the backs confirming Nike assigned both the same number.

This is the first and only instance where we have found Nike doing this kind of miss numbering.

Tuesday, November 10, 2020

55 New Type 4 Nike Poster Card Identified "Big Guys"


You can tell from the complete checklists that there are still a few numbers for which we have not identified the corresponding NIKE poster card. If we look at the type 4 cards (no information on front or back)  we have noted that they appear in 2 numerical groupings 290811 - 290819 where 818 and 819 are unknown and 290870 through 290887 where 872 and 880 are unknown. 

In  a recent EBay auction I have picked up the poster card shown below which is titled "the big guys" on the front lower left. 

The poster depicts some of he track and field members of the Athletics West team. This was a group of athletes that assembled  in 1977 by Bill BowermanPhil Knight and Geoff Hollister of Nike. The team also included women athletes during this decade, such as Joan Benoit and Mary Decker —the women's  team won in competition six times: once in 1981 and then five consecutive times, from 1985 to 1989.

In the 1992 book, Swoosh, The Unauthorized Story of Nike and the Men Who Played There, there are alligations that  that Nike  arranged for under-the-table payments to athletes on the Athletics West team, which were forbidden at the time. The book also stated that many athletes on the team used steroids with Nike's knowledge, between 1977 and 1985.

Since we have not found this poster on a Nike catalog YET, we cannot currently assign it a number . Since the missing 4 numbers are all from 1987/88 it is likely that that is the year of issue of this poster card.

blank backed

02/2021 Further verification comes from the fact that we have found this poster in the 1988 Nike poster catalog. 

Since it is in the 1988 catalog (which did not show NPC #s) it could possibly be  290XXX - 818, 819 or 880

10/2021 just got an update from Nike poster guru Bruce Fischer who identifies the athletes depicted on the "big guys" poster by finding the following ID on the back of the poster itself 

Saturday, November 7, 2020

54 290202 (type 1) ICEMAN Gervin variation found

 The missing ICEMAN variation 290202 Iceman / George Gervin has shown up and been graded by PSA as shown below. Blog 5 has been corrected and the variation so noted. 

It should be noted that similar variations should exist for the other early type 1 poster cards such as 

Chocolate Thunder





Zungul..........but we will not be listing them until they are verified