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Tuesday, June 30, 2020

36. NIKE Poster Cards Type 3 290889 - 290907

Type 3's pick up with 290900 "Nice Shoes"  and includes, running , hiking, womens basketball , NL home run champ Kevin Mitchell and Bo Jackson cross training.   

290900  Nice Shoes   1989  POSTER ONLY NO NPC KNOWN
Funky poster written as front page news. Never seen poster card for this but here is the poster

290901  Little Dreams  (Stacey Allison)  1989

Stacey Allison running the Wahcella rail in the Columbia Gorge. Surrounded by type 2 and type 3 1989's we date this as a 1989 poster card. Stacy Allison is most famous for becoming the first American woman to reach the summit of Mount Everest , the world's highest mountain, in 1988.

290902  A Whole New Ballgame  1989

Nike womens basketball poster.  Surrounded by type 2 and type 3 1989's we date this as a 1989 poster card. 

290903  Cross Training (Bo Jackson) 1989

290905 Fee Fi Home Run (Kevin Mitchell)  1990

Mitchell was traded to SF from San Diego. He had his best season with the Giants in 1989 upon being moved to the outfield. In that season, he batted .291 with a league-best 125 RBI and 47 home runs, leading the team to the playoffs and winning the National League's Most Valuable Player award. This poster was on the cover of the June 1990 Nike poster catalog. 

290906  Bloomsday Run  1990 POSTER ONLY NO CONFIRMED NPC

This poster is of the Lilac Bloomsday run, an annual event  in Spokane WA. It shows up in the 1990 Nike poster catalog so we are sure of the number, and its bookended by two type 3s so we label it a type 3. Here is a picture of the poster.

290907 UNK

35. NIKE Poster CArds Type 3 290839 - 290849

The next group of (10) 290839 - 290849 includes basketball stars Robinson, Barkley, Mullin, Wilkens, Jackson and Harper along with Bo Jackson with Bo Diddley, Jordans' "Orbit" and wrestlings "take no prisoners".

290839 David Robinson   1990

290840 Charles Barkley  1990

290841 Chris Mulin   1990

The Nike force poster were sold individually but were advertised on the poster cards in groups of 3.

290842 Gerald Wilkens  1990

290843 Mark Jackson   1990

290844 Ron Harper  1990

290845 Bo Knows Diddley (Diddley, Jackson)  1990

Bo Jackson playing along with famous rock-n-roller Bo Diddley 

290846 Go Bo   1990

290847 UNK

290848 Orbit  1990


290849 Take No Prisoners  1990

Some of the Nike generic sport posters lacked pizzaz but this one for wrestling is pretty cool 

34. NIKE Poster Cards Type 3 290828 - 290838

In this first grouping of Type 3's 290828 - 290838 includes quarterbacks Cunningham and Everett, Curtis Strange 2nd US open, a discontinued poster of Gordie Howe and Wayne Gretzky and 3 Jordan posters

290828 World Series  1989  POSTER ONLY ...NO CONFIRMED NPC
While this poster is listed in the 1989 catalog, we have never seen the  poster card (NPC). It is bookended by a type 2 and a type 3.   Below is a pic of the poster.

290829 Cycling Storm  1989

Note added 02/2021: this is NOT Mark Allen, according to reports it was shot somewhere close to Great Sand Dunes National Park and the cyclist is a guy from New Zealand (no one famous). This was shot for a cycling catalog (Nike Echelon). "We picked up 3 NZ cyclists that were training in Boulder and were planning on shooting in Garden of the Gods, but the weather got bad so started traveling south. We ended up shooting in Bandelier National Park in New Mexico" 

290830   Do You Know  (Spike Lee)  1989

Mars Blackmon is a character in the film She's Gotta Have It (1986), played by the film's writer/director, Spike Lee. In the film, he is a "Brooklyn-loving" fan of the New York Knicks, sports, and Air Jordans (the basketball shoes worn by Michael Jordan). This led to late 1980s and early 1990s appearances in Nike Air Jordan commercials alongside Jordan. (Wikapedia)

290831 Rocket Man (Cunningham)     1989

Randall Cunningham quarterback of the Philadelphia Eagles from 1985 - 1995. 

290832   Passing Lane  (Everett)  1989

Jim Everett quarterbacked the LA Rams from 1986 to 1993. 

290833 Back to Back  (Strange)  1989

Back to back represents Curtis Strange's back-to-back US open wins in 1988 and 1989.

290834 Second to None  1989/90

Womens softball poster.

290835 Mr. Hockey and the Great One (Howe and Gretzky)  1990

Mr. Hockey”, Gordie Howe and “The Great One”, Wayne Gretzky, in uniform, together on the ice in a classic pose.  Nike’s use of the image was a problem. "This poster was discontinued and recalled by Nike soon after publication in 1990, due to a licensing issue with the picture. It seems the photo was part of a private shoot done for Coca-Cola  and was not supposed to be released for any other use outside of Coke advertising. Apparently, the lawyers got to Nike, and the poster had to be discontinued and withdrawn from the market."

290836  UNK

290837  Is it the Shoes (Jordan and Lee)  1990

This poster was printed with both black and white backgrounds. This is the white background.

290838  Is it the Shoes (Jordan and Lee)  1990

This poster was printed with both black and white backgrounds. This is the black background.


33. NIKE Poater Cards Type 3 Reprints 290248 - 290893

As has been stated, at least 10 of the poster cards that were originally released as type 1, 2 or 4 were later reprinted as Type 3. We think this was done in 1991/92 and include 290248 Battle of Atlanta, 290820 Agassi II, 290867 Imagination  (Jordan), 290868 Shirts and Skins (Jordan), 290874 Earth / Mars (Jordan & Spike Lee), 290881 Wimps Need Not Apply (wrestling), 290888 High Flyin 360 (Jordan), 290889 Just Do It , 290890 Mark Allen (Cycling) and 298893 Texas Ranger (Nolan Ryan). If you know of more, let us know.

290248 Battle of Atlanta   1991/92

290820 Agassi II  1991/92

290867 Imagination (Jordan)   1991/92

290868 Shirts & Skins (Jordan) 1991/92

290874 Earth / Mars  (Jordan / Lee)  1991/92

290881 Wimps Need Not Apply   1991/92

290888 High Flyin' 360 ((Jordan / Lee)   1991/92

290889 Just Do It    1991/92

290890  Cycling (Mark Allen)  1991/92

290893 Texas Ranger (Nolan Ryan)    1991/92

32 NIKE Poster Cards... Nike Order Forms 1990 - 1992 & Catalogs 1988 - 1992

A lot of the poster dates for the type 3 poster cards issued in 1989 - 1992 were obtained from Nike poster order sheets that we have obtained for June 1990, Jan 1991 and Feb 1992. These are shown in this blog.  

We currently do not know how often these were issued, i.e. monthly, quarterly, semi-annually or yearly. We know "poster catalogs" were also issued at least yearly. These show  available posters  and "product codes" (Nike numbers) . We currently have the Sept 1988, Sept 1989, June 1990, Jan 1991 and Jan 1992  catalogs which have been a great help especially for the type 4 poster cards.

Nike Poster order form June 1990

Nike Poster Order Form  Jan 1991

Nike Poster Order form Feb 1992

Anyone having order forms previous to June 1990 please contact us.  

Below we see the 1988 through 1993 catalogs 

Monday, June 22, 2020

30. NIKE Poster Card Type 4 Jordan Supreme Court

There are several Type 4 Nike Poster Cards that have no assigned Nike number. Most significant is the famous Jordan poster "Supreme Court" II. (This poster has been identified as 290272 ...see blog # 63)

290272 Supreme Court (II)       1988

While the redo of the Supreme Court poster (recall the first one is type 1 poster card 290201) is famous because of its inclusion of Jordan and Barkley., no one we know has been able to assign it a Nike stock number. It appears in the Sept 1988 Nike catalog. From L to R it includes: Sidney  Moncrief, Michael  Jordan, Charles Barkley, Moses  Malone, Chuck  Person, Ron Harper and Alvin Robertson.

Here are a few other Nike poster cards for which we have no poster name or Nike stock number . Looking for a little help here !

We are calling the top one biker facing left and he bottom one womens fitness

In the poster below, titled BIG GUYS  is of the Athletics West track team that was  formed in 1977 by Bill Bowerman, Phil Knight and Geoff Hollister. During the 1970s, this was a track program for young athletes to continue competing outside of college in the USA. In 1977 they opened a training center in Eugene Oregon. 

29. NIKE Poster Cards Type 4 290883 - 290887

Finishing off the known Type 4 Nike poster cards are Jordan's iconic "MVP", Double Trouble", Gretzky's "I Love LA" and Anthony Carters "Serious Hang Time"

290883 MVP   (Jordan)   1988

1988 Slam Dunk championship. Although reprinted several times this poster card can be dated from 1988 since we know it is from the 1988 Slam dunk championship vs Dominique Wilkins. The duel between Michael Jordan and Dominique Wilkins had a little bit of everything. The two best dunkers of the era going head-to-head. Jordan closed the show with this picture perfect free throw line dunk, which clinched the win and will go down as his defining slam.

290984 Double Trouble   1988/89

In the  1987 draft, when the team took Linebacker Shane Conlan with their first pick, then got #2 overall pick, Linebacker Cornelius Bennett, from Indianapolis when he refused to sign with the Colts. Multiple sites date this poster as 1987 (with no evidence) although numerically it looks like the poster card  could be 1988 or 1989.   It appears in the 1989 catalog but not the catalog from Sept 1988

 290885 I Love LA  (Gretzky)  1989

Same as the 290886 Hockey night in CA Type 2 poster. Worthpoint dates this poster as 1989.

290886 Serious Hang Time  (Anthony Carter)  1989

Vikings wide receiver about to make a grab.