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Tuesday, March 29, 2022

74. The summer of 1992 and the Move to OSP


As I have stated way back in blog #1 the goal of this information site was and still is to catalog the 5 x 7 Nike Poster cards (NPC) that were issued during the time period 1982 - 1992. 

Last year when we made contact with Nike Mike and the last bits of information were added so that everything made sense, Mike clarified that: 

"In June of 1992 Nike starter printing and distributing posters with PSP publishing " It is at this point that OSP started using their own product numbers to track things. Thus the switch from the 290XXX series to the 5XXX series

From all that we have seen so far it appears that those numbers started with 5201 and proceeded from there. Certainly is strange that they started at 201 again, but that seems to be the case.  

I always  considered the OSP NPC a separate entity and always thought of them as 4 x 6's not 5 x 7's. 

I personally have several of the Jordans and other player posters  that I thought were cool in my ungraded NPC  set (see below) but I certainly am not going to set out to catalog all of these that were issued ...I will leave that job for someone else. 

Well recently I came across auctions for NPC that claimed they were 5 x 7 but were clearly OSPs. 

When I checked back to reread Nike Mikes info I found that he clearly stated that OSP started out issuing 5 x 7 ( actually 1/4" larger than what we are used to in the 290XXX series) . They did this so they could continue using the display cases that were already in place at all the sporting good stores. 

It appears that they started their series with the 1992 Olympic dream team 5201 and ended somewhere near 5366 since that the last OSP 5 x 7 that Nike Mike had. 

**CORRECTION** see below.

Here are pics of the two that I won.

Thought this would be of interest to all of you. 


Not much PSA grading going on since the lowest PSA price is now $50 and the only NPC that make sense to grade at that price are the early Jordans.... 

New  Nike Contributors

New contributor KC from Nike has informed me that the first OSP poster was actually 5200 "Summer of ninty-two" Pic below

We'll be hearing a lot more from KC in he next few months as he is a long time Nike employee who just found our blog. Sounds like he has a lot to offer and I certainly will bring it to you.

 Nike J is another new contributor who worked at Nike through this period and has information to add to what we already know. He has already take two of the missing 290XXX numbers off the board. I'll share that in the next blog !

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