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Sunday, April 3, 2022

75 Discussions with Nike "J"

 In the last blog I teased about a new contributor Nike "J" we will call him. He worked at Nike during our time period of interest and recently stumbled upon this blog. That caused him to pull out all his old Nike "stuff" to compare to what we have listed . That produced the pic below which I thought was certainly worthy of our blog . Nice collection J......

In going over our master Nike number list of all the 290XXX Nke poster cards (NPC) he realized that he had a copy of the Jordan calendar that we have listed as 290953. More importantly he produced Bo JAckson and Andre Agasi calendars produced at the same time. They are shown below.

Without question Bo and Agassi are the missing numbers 290954 and 290955 so we no longer have to worry about finding those NPC. 


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