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Sunday, May 8, 2022

84. the History of Nike Poster Cards ....per KC....part 5e.....type 3 290957 - 290983

Continuing our look at type 3 NPC from 290957 through 290983 all issued in 1991. This group had a lot of missing Nike product codes which KC has now clarified for us. 

We had previously identified 290965 as  Jordan Pop art poster (shown below) , 290975 as the Spike and Mike card set , 290976 as Sergey Bubka and 290981 as Katrin Krabbe none of which had NPC assigned to them.

KC now informs us that 290960 was  never assigned. 290969 was a calendar display. 290971 - 290974 have been a mysterious quartet with rumors that they were "womens posters" (whatever that means) KC can now confirm that these were 4 posters issued in 1991 entitled "Your mother", "Say Yes", "Marilyn (Monroe)" and "40 Year old" and 290977 was a "poster pack of the 4 womens posters"   None of these had corresponding NPCs.

                                                         290965 Jordan Pop Art Poster 


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