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Sunday, May 8, 2022

85. the History of Nike Poster Cards ....per KC....part 5f.....type 3 290984 - 291015

Now lets finish of our detailed look at type 3 Nike Poster cards with 290984 through 291015 . From multiple sources we know that this carries us through June of 1992.

We already knew the identity of 290986, 290990, 290991, 290999, 291000, 291006, 291007, 291008, 290009. None of these had NPCs.

KC can now confirm that 290992 was assigned to the Jordan pop art poster 290965, but in this case it was for Jordan signed copies (wish I had one of these !)

KC confirms that 291011 was assigned to the "MLK" poster (shown below)  which for some reason was not picked up by the commercial group and given a NPC product number

291012 was assigned to the poster catalog order form, 290013 was assigned to a 1992 counter top display and 291014 was issues to a reprinting of the "just do it" poster 290889 but was not issued a new NPC. 

                                                                291011 MLK poster

With that we have now assigned all the Nike product numbers for the type 3 NPC, a feat which at times I thought would be impossible.  

Blog 86 will be the complete numerical listing as we know it as of May 2022 

After that I will be spending some time going back and sending readers of the earlier blogs t these later blogs for updated information. Thank you for your patience and thank KC for all the valuable information that we could not have gotten any other way. 


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