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Friday, May 29, 2020

8. NIKE Poster Cards Type 1 290220 - 290223

The group 290220 - 290223 includes Jam session, a who's who in 1970's basketball, Rosanne Williams and her two NBA sons Ray and Gus, John McEnroe in front of the Brooklyn Bridge and baseball "Firemen" Rollie Fingers and Bruce Sutter.  

290220 Jam Session  1982/83

24 of the NBA' s biggest stars from the 70's and early 1980s

(L to R rear row) Dan Roundfield, George "Ice Man" Gervin, Phil Smith, Darrell "Dr Dunkenstein" Griffith, Reggie Theus, Elvin Hayes, Maurice Lucas, Mychal Thompson, Artis Gilmore, Moses Malone, Bill Cartwright, Truck Robinson, Robert Parrish, Rudy Tomjanovich, Bernard King, Paul Westphal, Austin Carr. 

( L to right front row) Campy Russell, Alvin Adams, Dennis Johnson, Calvin Murphy, Norm Nixon, John Drew, Lionel Hollins.

290221 The Williams'  1982/83  (1984-86)

Ray, momma Rosanne and Gus Williams sitting for family portrait. Available in both title only and title & player name variations.

290222  59th St Bridge (McEnroe)   1982/83 ; (1984-1986)

The first of several posters for the bad boy of tennis, John McEnroe posed in front of the 59th street Bridge. Available in both title only and title & player name variations.

290223 Fingers and Sutter    1982/83 ;   (1986)

Top relief pitchers Rollie Fingers and Bruce Sutter won the AL and NL relief pitching awards in 1981. Therefore this is likely a 1982 released poster . It is available in both title only and title & player name variations and we think the latter was rereleased in 1986 since it is dated 1986 by the 1994 upper Deck/Nike set. .

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