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Friday, May 29, 2020

10. NIKE Poster Cards Type 1 29029 - 290230

In this grouping 290229 - 290230 we take a closer look at Mychal Thompson and  the iconic "Boardroom" which  we  assume represented the NIKE "Pro Club" membership as of 1982.

290229  Mychal   1982/83

One of the last type 1's that I needed for my collection it is rarely seen up for sale on EBay. It shows Portland's Mychal Thompson in a tropical island setting. The joke here is that Thompson came from the Bahamas.  He was the #1 pick in the 1978 draft. In the 1981/82 season he averaged 20 points and 11 boars per game.  

290230  Boardroom    1982

A collection of 28 of the top stars of the NBA during the early 1980s. This poster was printed in 1982 per the date on the back of the poster. The mailing label on the mailing tube from Nike indicates that it was mailed in Sept of 1982 putting a firm date on all the posters that proceeded it.  The ID of the players on the poster is shown below and was printed on the back of the poster.

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  1. Hello. If the Mychal poster card is 1982 then why does it have his full name on the back unlike the other cards released in 1982?? I thought all the 1982 cards excluded the full name (e.g., Sugar, Silk, Chocolate Thunder, etc.) and in 1983 they added the full name. Could the Mychal card actually be 1983? Thanks!