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Sunday, February 7, 2021

62. NIKE Mike brings Fresh Info to our NPC Mysteries

NPC information is pouring in and will keep me busy sharing that with all of you for the next few months. 

When I started this blog my goals were :

1. develop a complete checklist for the 1982 - 1992 "NIKE poster cards" so we would know exactly what we were collecting and so we could get them graded by PSA. 

2. Understand the mysteries involved in the issuance of their less than chronological numbering system. 

3. Determine whether NIKE INC was blowing me off when they constantly responded that they had no records of what posters they had manufactured and sold over this period. 

In the last few weeks info from the 1992 catalog found by Bruce "ImaPaqRat" Fisher  helped us fill in some of the blanks. Now, in rapid succession, interactions with our new contributor  "Nike Mike" (NO not Michael Jordan) will help us even more. 

Mike worked at Nike for 18 years starting  in 1988. While there, he actually led the creative team for posters and designed many of them. So, during that period, who would know better than Mike what was going on ? 

While I'm trying to organize the new  information we will start with a few things that should be of interest. 

I will keep the new info for separate blogs so we can use the newly instituted "search" capability to find things later on. 

Mike reports to us that in June of 1991 he requested a complete list of the posters be created "because no one seemed to have the full record of all the posters or their respective numbers... (Hummm maybe Nike really was incompetent).  At that time we were not really concerned with the Poster Cards, just needed to be able to reference the posters correctly.... I had one of our administrative assistants assigned to pull it together by going through our files and working with another assistant in the marketing department....The copy that I have is labeled June 11, 1991. It appears this is not the final copy since there is a cover letter requesting corrections and additions" . 


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