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Sunday, February 7, 2021

63. 290872 Supreme Court 2 (type 4) ; 290820 Andre Agassi II as a type 3


The first new tidbit I can give you is that based on Nike Mikes 1991 internal checklist we can assign type 4 supreme court 2 to 290872.
Recall that in recent blog #60 we determined that it had to be one of 4 open numbers...well it is one of those 4 and it is now assigned. Below we see this iconic pose with Jordan (second from the left), Barkley (3rd from the left) and Moses Malone in the middle.  Below that is s copy of the internal checklist showing the assignment of 290872

From the various identification mistakes in the list like "Huey Long" I'd venture to guess the "administrative assistant" was not a big sports fan...

Mike has also identified another early poster that was reprinted as a type 3. In blog 31 we identified nine posers that were reissued in 1991 which resulted in a  type 3 poster card being printed. Mike reports that we should include 290820 Agassi II , originally a type 2 ( see blog # 21) was reissued (see below) 

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