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Thursday, February 11, 2021

65 Nike Assigned Numbers to 290801 - 290809


An interesting tidbit from the Nike Mike poster checklist is that the second grouping did NOT start with 290811 but rather with 290801. This makes sense since the first grouping most certainly started with 290201.

While you can see the assignments below, Nike Mike indicates that while these early posters were reprinted (first issued in the late 1970s) , to the best of his knowledge no NPC were made up for them. 290804 and 290807 were pictured in the 1988 catalog and are shown below. 

290801 Eqinox

290802 Terra Trainer

290803 Escape

290804 Pegasus Rainbow

290805 Moon Runner

290806 UNK

290807 Triathlete

290808 San Dunne Runner

290809 Wms Marathon

290810 UNK

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