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Friday, April 22, 2022

79 The history of Nike Poster Cards ....per KC....Part 4... Type 2

Now that we have types 1 and 4 under our belt, time to move on to type 2. Type 2 NPCs were  printed in 1989 and consisted of reissues of blank back type 4 NPC's from 1988 and new posters. 

... As we have stated in blog #78, a lot of the blank back type 4s were reprinted in 1989 as type 2's. Those are all listed in blog # 78. Starting with 290888 in Feb of 1989 info was again printed on the backs of the poster cards to identify them. It was decided that the poster cards and catalogs needed to contain product code information so all NPC after the 1988 batch of blank backs contained description and product code information on either their backs or fronts.

The no finish line series 290812 - 290816 were reissued in 1989 as type 2's followed by new NPC for 290820 "Agassi II" - 290827 "Aqua Gear". 

Similarly the other grouping of type 4 blank backs  were reprinted in 1989 starting with "Mr Barkley" 290873 through "Serious Hangtime 290887" (not all, just those listed) . Type 2 issues continued from 290888 "High Flying 360" through 290899 "All conditions Gear" 

291884 "For Women Only" was also pulled into the retail poster list keeping its advertising number. 

Shown below are the new type 2 NPC and subsequent reprints of them. As stated, type 2 reprints of type 4 NPCs of 1988 are detailed in blog 78.   

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