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Thursday, April 14, 2022

77 The history of Nike Poster Cards ....per KC....Part 2 Type 1

What we will do next is to start looking in depth at the changes, additions or subtractions from each of the 4 group types that are needed based on the new information from KC. 

In keeping with the time honored criteria set up by long time Std. Catalog of BB Cards editor, the late, great Bob Lemke...we will not add anything to the checklist that we do not have a verified picture of. That puts a lot of burden on our new friend KC, but he says he is up to it. 

Where there have been reprints of a NPC in a different type ( for instance 290248 as both type 1 and type 3)  those will be listed where they first appear. 

Below are the 73 unique type 1 poster cards (including variations) and the 3 that we know of that were reprinted later as type 3's.

Items that were assigned a Nike product code that were not poster cards are shown in red so that there is a clear understanding that those numbers are not missing.....The seven number currently listed as UNK (unknown) are thought to have been assigned to poster cards but for various reasons not issued (see discussion in blog # 76) 

      TYPE 1  290200 - 290251, 290850 - 290869  (1982 - 1987)


We have previously labeled these early posters as 1982/83. KC's records show the early posters 201- 232 were issued in 1982. Poster 233 "Stormin Norman" started the 1983 group which went through 243 "Sir Sid". There were only 4 posters in 1984 and 3 posters in early 1985 before the number sequence change. 

EARLY NUMBER VARIATIONS (highlighted in grey)

We have known that there were early number variations, and KC has added several to the group we already knew existed.  As KC explains it a lot of the early posters did not name the player involved and management finally realized this was a mistake so many of the poster cards were reprinted with backside info better indicating who the player involved was. KC has identified 12 of these variation sets through 290225 SILK . Some of them had no player ( no finish line, urban runner, runner in the clouds) and some had a large group of players (supreme court, jam session) so their descriptions were not changed. 

KC confirms our opinion that the simpler descriptions (the earlier ones) are the rarer variations

You might ask "What about chocolate thunder ? " You might recall that in blog 6 we detailed that Dawkins had broken his contract in 1982 and the posters were pulled from the market. Thus no need for a second printing of these NPCs when there were no longer any posters for sale. 


Lastly one more correction is needed. We have previously speculated that there must be 2 variations of K-Lord sine the 1994 upper deck set listed the poster issuance date as 1986. That made no sense...the poster had to be 1982 so we in correctly assumed that 1986 must have been a reprint date. Ditto posters of 

K-Lord - upper deck says 1986...records show 1982 no reprints

Dr. Dunkenstein  - upper deck says 1986...records show 1982 reprinted 1983

Fingers & Sutter 1986 - upper deck says 1986...records show 1982 reprinted 1983

Lethal Weapon  - upper deck says 1987...poster printed in late 1987 but NPC in1988

Moses - upper deck says 1984 but he poster was printed in  1981 and the NPC in 1982 

KC recalls that this was discovered just pre release and management said something like "well there is nothing we can do about it now" 

Below are the pics of the backs of the newly identified variations to confirm their existence. 

As described in blog 76, when they ran out of product code numbers in early 1985 and were assigned the new numbers 290800's they decided to start up at 290850 so that at least the last two numbers would match up to where they left off. Nothing much else changes here. 


As we have previously stated 290248 Battle of Atlanta was reprinted in 1991 as  a type 3, as were the Jordan posters "Imagination" and "Shirts & Skins" . Why the latter 2 and not "Air Jordan" and "blue and black" ?? who knows ?? KC knows...
As he recalls it "Air Jordan" and "Blue and black" were discontinued sometime in 1986 because the shoes and apparel he was wearing were out of production, thus they did not reprint those posters in the future. 

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