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Wednesday, July 1, 2020

37. NIKE Poster Cards Type 3 290908 - 290918

Taking a look at Type 3 poster cards 290908 - 290918 we find baseball players Kirby Puckett, Mark Grace and Nolan Ryan "King of Zing", Bo Jackson teaming with Billy Crystal, basketball players David Robinson "Rookie of the Year" and "Rebound" and MJ's "Reverse Dunk", triathelete Mark Allen and soccer player Andreas Moller.

290908  Don't I Know You?  (Jackson)  1990

Kind of a summary poster for the "Don't I Know You" Bo Jackson ad campaign.

290909 Reverse Dunk (Jordan)   1990

Jordan doing a reverse dunk. No more need be said.


290910  Rookie of the Year (Robinson)  1990

Robinson was the NBA Rookie of the Year for the 1989/90 season.  

290911  Out of the Blue (Puckett)   1990

Kirby Puckett won the AL batting title in 1989 with a mark of .339, while  finishing second in doubles, first in hits, and second in singles. One of the last poster listed in the June 1990 catalog. 

290912  Grace Under Pressure (Grace)  1990

The Cubs Mark Grace stretching for a throw. One of the last posters listed in the June 1990 catalog. 

290913  Can You Say Rebound (Robinson) 1990 

The last poster listed in the June 1990 catalog. 

290914  Mark Allen Collage  1990

After competing and losing in the Ironman Triathlon Championships six times Allen emerged victorious in 1989 and he won again in 1990.  

290915 UNK

290216  Relief Hitters (Crystal and Jackson)   1990

Comic Relief USA was a non-profit charity whose mission was to raise funds to help those in need—particularly America's homeless.

290917  Andreas  Moller   1990 POSTER ONLY NO KNOWN NPC

Andreas Möller was a  German  soccer player who played as an attacking midfielderMöller played for Eintracht Frankfurt (1985–87, 1990–92, 2003–04), Borussia Dortmund (1988–90, 1994–2000), Juventus (1992–94), and Schalke 04 (2000–03). Since 290913 was the last poster listed in the June 1990 order form and Moller's poster is listed in the Jan 1991 order form, we can confirm this as a 1990 poster. Here is a photo of the poser in he 1991 catalog. We have never seen the corresponding poster card.

290918  King of Zing  (Ryan)         1990

Ryan left Houston after a contract dispute following the 1988 season and signed with the Texas Rangers at age 42. In 1989, he  led the league with 301 strikeouts and become the only pitcher to record 5,000 career strikeouts. In 1990, Ryan threw his sixth no-hitter and earned his 300th win.


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