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Saturday, July 4, 2020

49. Chronological Release of Nike Poster Cards 1982 - 1992

Two specific things have confused collectors over the years about the Nike poster cards. 

(1) A lack of awareness that there were 4 different types of cards especially the Type 4 cards with no information on them 


(2) the numerical Nike numbers vs the year of issuance which for so long has made no sense. 

I think this set of blogs have pretty well explained the 4 Types and which card numbers  they were issued for. But even hard core collectors will have to really read every blog to get an understanding of the chronological order of release.  To try to make that simpler, lets look at the following plot. 

*** As of 5/10/2022 we have filled in most of the missing Nike product numbers and corrected several date errors...Go to blogs 76 - 86 for the up to date accurate checklist and explaination of chronological release***

Nike first started selling posters to customers in 1982 and the first grouping, through 290249, were being released into early 1985. 

For some reason (probably tied to Jordan and the massive contract they signed with him) they then jumped ahead and, in 1985 through early 1987, issued 850 - 869.

At this point there was a split and they followed two parallel courses Track 1 and Track 2

Track 1 goes back and picks up pre 290850 poster cards (811 - 849) and issues them from 1988 through 1990.

Track two starts issuing post 290869 poster cards  in 1987 and issues numbers 870 through 1015 from 1987 through 1992. 

These appear to be the facts...we do not understand the reasoning. 



New information from a NIKE retail poster department worker during this period of time has completely revised out thinking of why the posters were numerically out of order in their chronological release. For the complete story see blog # 76

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