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Wednesday, July 1, 2020

40. NIK Poster Cards Type 3 290940 - 290949

This group of type 3s includes 3 Bo Jackson posters including "Metamorphisis", cartoon Robinson and Cartoon Jordan, cyclings "Own the road", Sandbergs "Speak Softly" and Jordan / Spike Lee / Little Richards "Genie" poster.

290940    Metamorphisis   (Jackson)  1991

Bo changing over from a baseball to a football player. Dated on the poster 1991. 

290941  Big Swing   (Jacobson and Strange)  1991

In 1985 Nike signs Peter Jacobsen and Curtis Strange to footwear contracts.
In 1990 Nike debuts its first golf TV commercial called "The Big Swing" featuring Curtis Strange and Peter Jacobsen.

290942  Super Robinson  (Robinson)  1991

Cartoon David Robinson.

290943  Greetings From the Pipeline  (Jackson)  1991

 Bo the surfer

290944   Nike AIR 180s  1991

NIKE AIR 180 original art poster by  Ralph Steadman &  Andre Francois. Cannot find picture of the poster and never seen a poster card to match

290945  Own the Road  (Allen)  1991

Cycling with Mark Allen

290946    Super Jordan    (Jordan)   1991

cartoon MJ

290947  Driven to Perfection  (Jackson)   1991

Bo Jackson - runner

290948  Jordan / Genie  (Jordan, Lee, Richard)   1991

Little Richard the "genie" swaps out MJ and Mars Blackman

290949   Speak Softly  (Sandberg)  1991

In 1990 Sandberg led the National League with 40 home runs, batting .306 for the season. In 1991, Sandberg batted .291 with 26 home runs and batted in 100 runs for the second consecutive season. He also won his ninth consecutive Gold Glove at second base.
Great stats...boring poster !

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