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Tuesday, July 7, 2020

47. Poster Cards Issued with Numbers Higher than 291015

Through the years there were a few cards that were issued with numbers higher than 291015. These appear to have been issued in 1988  through 1989. One could guess that they had a numerical error in their system and instead of fixing it and changing a lot of numbers they simply chose a non sequence number far out of the range they were currently in.

291543  Strange Thoughts   ( C. Strange)   1988

Appears in the 1988 poster catalog as a type 2 poster card

291544   Eric Davis   1988  NO KNOWN NPC for this poster

Have not seen this poster card  but here is the poster which is five feet long. The poster was issued by Nike in 1988 after Davis put up 37 HR, 100 RBI and and 80 stolen bases in 1987. Set up as a nine-frame photographic sequence, the poster depicts Davis demonstrating the perfect popup slide, going into third base at old Riverfront Stadium. 

291621 Hit & Run   (B. Jackson)   1988

Not only are these posters out of numerical sequence, these two Bo Jackson posters have  the same Nike 6 digit numbers. The backs are identical. They are type 2 and appear in he 1988 poster catalog. NOTE (see below) as of Oct 2021 we have also identified them as type 4 poster cards (blog # 72)

10/2021 NOTE  see blog #72 where we identify type 4 variations of these two poster cards !

291884   For Women Only   1988

Women's Basketball issued as a Type 2 poster card. It first appears in the 1988 poster  catalog. 

292335 Wings  (Jordan)   1989

The iconic WINGS poster was reissued several times through the years. It was first issued in 1989 per the label on the poster that sits in the Smithsonian.  The only poster card we have seen for it is the type 3 card shown below. 

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