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Wednesday, July 1, 2020

51. Posters / poster cards with no Nike numbers and/or catalog mentions

Only one more thing that we need  to discuss. There are a group of  known posters of the period that have never showed up as NPC. Some  showed up in the 1988 Nike  poster catalog others in the 1991 Nike Mike checklist.

In no specific order, if readers know of poster cards to match these posters, or know of Nike numbers to match these posters please let me know.

A Time to Learn - Max Lomax

shown in the 1988 catalog and given the Nike number 291284 in the 1991 Nike Mike checklist 

Kids Kubs (Some Sides Never Retire) 

Shown in the 1988 catalog without a Nike number

 Rising Stars - Artis Gilmore

Poster from the late 1970s shown on Nike Mike 1991 posters list . No PNC is known

The Portland Tower - Sam Bowie
#1 draft pick for Portland in the 1984 draft (could have had Jordan ) 
Curious as to why this has never been seen as a NPC.

Bombs Away - Dan Fouts

Nike reportedly did not have the permission to use the Chargers uniforms so most of the posters were recalled and destroyed. 

Kick in the Grass  1982 Tampa Bay Rowdies

Iron Man - Dave Scott (triathelon)

Before Mark Allen there was Dave Scott. Here is his poster. No poster card is known

Doomsday - Dallas Cowboys

Should have been issued ~ 1981. Why wasn't this one reprinted ?

Great Gretzky - Wayne Gretzky 1981

Even if this was first produced before the initial round of posters in 1982/83 wouldn't you think this one would have been reprinted ??

We will add more here over time.....Please send other suggestions. 

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