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Sunday, July 19, 2020

52 Nike Poster Cards New Info on 290999 3D Rice & Ronnie

We have just surpassed 1000 page views (without mine)

Now that all the initial Nike Poster card information is archived in these blogs I will be posting NEW information as it becomes available.

The news today is that Bruce "ImaPaqRat" Fisher who is probably the #1 information source when it comes to Nike posters has purchased the 3D Rice and Ronnie poster recently up for sale on EBay. He had never seen one before so he questioned the sellers and found out that they had gotten it from their son who worked at NIKE at the time. He told them that a small batch of the posters were made but never release for commercial sale because Rice-a-Roni sued them. 

Since we have heard similar stories  before from others in Nike, about other posters, and Bruce had never seen this specific poster before, this has credibility to us. 

Thus we are officially declaring that there is no 290999 Nike poster card and this number will remain blank. 

I am going back and removing this number and it will remain as a unused number in the sequence. 

Again, for historic purposes, the poster is shown below. 

                                 THERE IS NO EQUIVALENT POSTER CARD !