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Wednesday, July 1, 2020

41. NIKE Poster Cards Type 3 290950-290959

The next group of 10 is a bit weak including  Super Barkley, womens hoops 1991 (easy to date), David Robinson and Little Richard as the Genie and several as yet undetermined numbers.

 290950     Your Up       1991

 Down by three, bases loaded...your Up ! time

290951   Gamez Rookie     1991

Robert Gamez was the 1990 Rookie of the Year. Last poster listed in the 1991 order form (Jan 1991) 

290952    Super Barkley   (Barkley)   1991

Barkley cartoon 

290953                   Michael Jordan Calendar -   NOT A Nike Poster card

290954  UNK

290955  UNK

290956   Floor Display 

listed in the 1992 order form as "floor display" with a price of $265

290957  Womens Hoops '91   1991

Title speaks for itself

290958 Piano Man  (Robinson)  1991

One of the David Robinson "Mr. Robinsons neighborhood" posters

290959  Genie  (Little Richard)  1991

Little Richard as the Genie

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