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Wednesday, July 1, 2020

38. NIKE Poster Cards Type 3 290919 - 290929

This grouping of 290919 - 290929 Jordans "Slam and Jam", Bo Jacksons "Hit and Run", Jr Griffeys "Kinetics" as well as posters by Jerry Rice, Reggie White, David Robinson and  and John McEnroe.

290919  Say Your Prayers (Abbott & Langston)  1990

Jim  Abbott and Langston led the Angels staff in 1990. Abbott achieved success at the major league level despite having been born without a right hand. 

290920 Rice be Nimble (Jerry Rice)  1990

Rice be nimble, Rice be quick, Rice jump over Candlestick

290921 Endless Summer (Pugh & Leach)  1990

Davis Cup tennis winners in 1990.

290922  Slam  'N Jam  (Jordan)  1990

Jordan slammin' & Jammin'

290923  Hit and Run II  (Jackson)  1990

Bo playing both professional baseball and football.

290924 Stay in School  (Jackson)  1990 POSTER ONLY NO KNOWN NPC

Although I have never see the poster card, here is a picture of the poster.

290925 Serve & Volley (McEnroe)  1990

This poster lists the highlights of Jimmy Mac's career. 

290926  Sunday School (Reggie White)  1990

Philadelphia Eagles defensive end Reggie White..

290927 Kinetics (Griffey)  1990

1st round pick of the 1987 draft, by late 1988 he was up in the majors. There are over 100,000 Griffey 1989 Upper Deck rookie cards graded. How many of these do you think there are ??

290928 Sheer Will (Will Clark)   1990

Comin g off a season in which he hit .333 with 24 HR and 111 RBIs, the SF Giants Will Clark was surely in his prime. 

2929 David Robinson (Oversized)  1990

A nearly door sized poster of David Robinson

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