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Wednesday, July 1, 2020

45. NIKE Poster Cards Type 3 290990 - 291000

This Type 3 grouping 290990 - 290999 includes 3 more Bo Jackson posters, Jerry Rice's "Super Jerry", Ronnie Lotts "Lots of Pain" and Rice and Lott in "Rice & Ronnie", Jordan's "Evolution" and Scottie Pippen's "Beam me up" and "Flight Dimension". 

290990  Bo Knows Bo  (Bo Jackson)   1991       VIDEO  not POSTER or NPC

This number is assigned to a video not a poster. Hee is a picture of he video that was for sale per the 1992 catalog. 


290991 Bo knows Bo   (Jackson)   1991      NO KNOWN NPC

Have not seen the poster card, but poster is listed in the 1992 catalog. Picture of the poster is below. 

290992     UNK 

possibly a Jordan "pop art" poster 

290993  The Bo Show  (Jackson)  1991

I'm an athlete not an actor .

290994  Evolution  (Jordan)   1991

Jordans "Evolution"

290995  Beam Me Up Scottie  (Pippen)   1991

"Kirk to the bridge...Beam me up scottie". dated on the poster 1991.

290996  Super Jerry   (Rice)   1991

Cartoon Jerry Rice.

290997  Flight Dimensions  (Pippen)   1991

Pippen with Comedian Tommy Davidson.

290998  Lots of Pain   (Lott)   1991

Ronie  Lott  was a cornerbackfree safety, and strong safety in the National Football League (NFL) for 14 seasons during the 1980s and 1990s

290999 **  3D Rice and Ronnie  (Rice, Lott)  1991     NO KNOWN NPC

Have never seen the poster card, but here is a picture of the poster

**Added 07/19/2020 see blog 52. Poster was not commercially issued due to law suit from Rice-a-roni. Presumption is that Poster Card does not exist !

291000  Century of Hoops  1991      NO KNOWN NPC

Basketball started in 1891. Thus this was the last Nike poster of  1991. Listed in the Feb 1992 poster order form. We finally have a picture of this poster (see blog # 61) from the 1992 catalog,  but still have never seen the equivalent poster card. 

Certainly a modern design, but not something you would see hanging in a high school boys bedroom. 

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