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Wednesday, June 17, 2020

24. NIKE Poster Cards Type 2 290894 - 290898, 291543, 291621, 291884

Finishing the Type 2 grouping,  290894 - 290898 consists of the Met's Darryl Strawberry, the Yankees Steve Sax, McEnroe's iconic "Rebel with a Cause" , womens volleyball and Craig Blanchette wheel chair racing. 

In addition, the posters "Strange Thoughts", "Hit and Run" and   "For Women Only" were all issued in 1988 as a type 2 poster cards out of sequence with numbers 291543, 291621 and 291884.   

290894 Cream of the Crop (Darryl Strawberry)   1989

 The Mets Strawberry standing in a field of strawberries.

290895 Sax's (Steve Sax)     1989

Steve Sax moved from the Dodgers to the Yankees in 1989. This poster depicts Sax in front of a yellow cab on 5th avenue..

290896 Rebel with a Cause (John McEnroe)  1989

McEnroe recreating the 1955 James Dean photo in NYC Times Square.

290897 Women's Volleyball    1989

290898 Just Do It (Craig Blanchette)  1989

Part of the 1988 "just do it" campaign. Note all known examples of this poster cards are instead of 5 x 7 inches appear to be 4 9/16 x 7 inches.

the following 3 type 2 poster cards are also covered in blog #47

291543 Strange Thoughts 1988 

Curtis Strange showing the evolution of his swing 

291621 Hit and Run 1988

Bo Jackson as a baseball (hit) and football (run) player. These were issued as two different poster cards with the same Nike numbered back .

291884 For Women Only   1988

It is unknown why the womens basketball poster was issued with an out of sequence number. It appears in the sept 1988 catalog.

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