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Tuesday, June 30, 2020

32 NIKE Poster Cards... Nike Order Forms 1990 - 1992 & Catalogs 1988 - 1992

A lot of the poster dates for the type 3 poster cards issued in 1989 - 1992 were obtained from Nike poster order sheets that we have obtained for June 1990, Jan 1991 and Feb 1992. These are shown in this blog.  

We currently do not know how often these were issued, i.e. monthly, quarterly, semi-annually or yearly. We know "poster catalogs" were also issued at least yearly. These show  available posters  and "product codes" (Nike numbers) . We currently have the Sept 1988, Sept 1989, June 1990, Jan 1991 and Jan 1992  catalogs which have been a great help especially for the type 4 poster cards.

Nike Poster order form June 1990

Nike Poster Order Form  Jan 1991

Nike Poster Order form Feb 1992

Anyone having order forms previous to June 1990 please contact us.  

Below we see the 1988 through 1993 catalogs 

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