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Monday, June 22, 2020

30. NIKE Poster Card Type 4 Jordan Supreme Court

There are several Type 4 Nike Poster Cards that have no assigned Nike number. Most significant is the famous Jordan poster "Supreme Court" II. (This poster has been identified as 290272 ...see blog # 63)

290272 Supreme Court (II)       1988

While the redo of the Supreme Court poster (recall the first one is type 1 poster card 290201) is famous because of its inclusion of Jordan and Barkley., no one we know has been able to assign it a Nike stock number. It appears in the Sept 1988 Nike catalog. From L to R it includes: Sidney  Moncrief, Michael  Jordan, Charles Barkley, Moses  Malone, Chuck  Person, Ron Harper and Alvin Robertson.

Here are a few other Nike poster cards for which we have no poster name or Nike stock number . Looking for a little help here !

We are calling the top one biker facing left and he bottom one womens fitness

In the poster below, titled BIG GUYS  is of the Athletics West track team that was  formed in 1977 by Bill Bowerman, Phil Knight and Geoff Hollister. During the 1970s, this was a track program for young athletes to continue competing outside of college in the USA. In 1977 they opened a training center in Eugene Oregon. 

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