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Wednesday, June 17, 2020

23. NIKE Poster CArds Type 2 290890 - 290893

The grouping 290890 to 290893 includes cyclist Mark Allen, Jordan in the playground, Butch Reynolds running like the wind and Nolan Ryan's iconic "Texas Ranger"

290890 Mark Allen  1989

This poster became know as "Go Like Hell"

This Nike number was also assigned to the poster Cycling (Jeff Pierce) . It was also issued as both type 2 and 4 but was miss labeled (type 2) as Mark Allen. This is discussed in blog 64. 

290891  Playground  1989

MJ soaring above the local kids in a little pick up game in the playground.

290292 Run Like the Wind (Butch Reynolds)   1989

Harry "Butch" Reynolds is an American former track star who competed in the 400 meter dash. He held the world record for the event for 11 years with his personal best time of 43.29 seconds set in 1988. That year, he was the silver medalist at the 1988 Seoul Olympics. He is pictured running by a wind farm. 

290893 Texas Ranger (Nolan Ryan)   1989

Ryan had just been traded from the Astros to the Tx Rangers. This iconic poster pictures  Ryan, in a long duster and  cowboy Hat; standing in the middle of the road in the Ghost Town of Pride, Texas; where there just happens to be a pitcher's mound.  Ryan is grasping his weapon of choice, a baseball.

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