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Thursday, June 4, 2020

16. NIKE Poster Cards Type 1 290852 - 290856

The 1985 NIKE order form stops at 290856 so our assumption is that that was the last of the 1985 releases. It includes Dwight Gooden who was a rookie in 1984 and had won 17 games for the Mets, Bad boy John McEnroe in Mac2, Wade Boggs of the Red Sox, Rick Sutcliffe who had just won the 1984 Cy Young by going 16-1 for the NL East winning Cubs and the iconic "Stickball) with Doc Gooden pitching to Dale Murphy.

290852    Dr. K (Dwight Gooden)    1985

No one has hotter in the 1985 time frame than the Mets Doc Gooden.

dated from 1985 Nike promo set


290253 Mac 2 (John McEnroe)   1985

John McEnroe and a flaming tennis ball.

dated from 1985 Nike promo set

290854 Boss Boggs   (Wade Boggs)    1985

After coming up in Boston in 1982 and hitting .349, .361 and .325 the chicken man definitely deserved his own poster.

290855 Rick's World  (Rick Sutcliffe)   1985

Sutcliffe  won 16 games for the Cubs in 1984 while losing only one, helping them to the division championship. Sutcliffe won the Cy Young Award with a unanimous vote, beating out Dwight Gooden and Bruce Sutter. When he re-signed with the Cubs as a free agent the following year, his contract briefly made him the highest-paid pitcher in baseball.

290856 Stickball   ( Gooden / Murphy)   1985

Anyone who grew up urban in "the day"  has the memories of the wooden wiffleball bat and the "spaldeen" and who better to portray those memories in 1985 than Doc Gooden and Dale Murphy. .....PRICELESS

The photo was reportedly shot in Brooklyn under the Manhattan Bridge overpass (DUMBO for you NYC'ers) 

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