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Thursday, June 11, 2020

21. NIKE Poster Cards Type 2 290820 - 290828

Type 2 poster cards 290820 - 290828 includes Ande Agassi, David Robinson, Larry Nance, Bo Diddley, Charles Barkley, and Mark Jackson.

290820  Agassi II    1989

Agassi ready to play tennis  

** There is also a type 3 issue of this poster card. See blog #63

290821  National Defense    1989

David Robinsons first Nike poster after spending 2 years in Naval service. This poster is often listed as a 1990 issue, but once again since it is book ended by 1989s it should be a 1989.  

290822 Flight Brothers (Larry Nance and Ron Harper)   1989

Larry Nance and Ron Harper with a prop plane in the desert. 


290823 You Don't Know Didley (Bo Diddley)   1989

Cool poster but I don't know what sport it is related too in sports ?


290824 Iron Will (Charles Barkley)   1989

The round mound of rebound ripping apart a rim. Although it has been auctioned as a 1987 issue, it is book ended by known 1989s so we feel it to is a 1989

290825 Action Jackson (Mark Jackson)    1989

Jackson was the 18th pick of the 1987 NBA draft by the New York Knicks after being a star for local college St Johns. . 

290826    Use Your Head     1989

A boring soccer poster.  

290827 Aqua Gear    1989

Wind Surfing 

290828  World Series  1989  NOT YET IODENTIFIED

This poster has not het been identified as a  poster card. The poster is listed on the 1990 order form and the poster is shown below. Because of where it is located in sequence, it could be either a type 2 or type 3 poster card, if it exists.

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  1. I have a the Barkley "Iron Will" NPC and it's slightly smaller than 5x7, by about a 1/4 inch or so. I remember you pointing that another NPC was also slightly smaller but I don't recall which one. Can you confirm that the "Iron Will" NPC is also slightly smaller or is it possible mine has been trimmed? Thanks.