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Monday, June 1, 2020

13 NIKE Poster Cards Type 1 290241 - 290245

The grouping 290241 - 290245 includes key players from the NFL's Atlanta Falcons and  Dallas Cowboys, Sidney Moncrief posing with a suit of armour, Jeff Ruland and a brick wall and the Dodgers Pedro Guerrero surrounded by bats.

290241 Atlanta Arsenal  1982/83

 Atlanta Arsenal features Steve Bartkowski, Alfred Jackson and Alfred Jenkins with a peregine falcon. Bartkowski and Jenkins were both selected to the pro bowl in 1981.

notice the miss type of 280241 on the back

290242 Texas Thunder  1982/83

Ed "Too Tall" Jones and Harvey "Too Mean"  Martin in a lightning storm. Jones was one of the most dominant defensive players of his era, playing in 16 playoff games and three Super Bowls. He was part of three NFC championship teams and the Super Bowl 12 champion. Martin was NFL 1977 defensive player of the year. Martin retired after 1983, so this poster certainly was not issued later than 1982/83.

290243  Sir Sid   1982/83

Sidney Moncrief posing with a suit of Armour. He was named defensive [layer of the year in 1982/83 and 1983/84

290244 Ruland  1982/83

Jeff Ruland, the pride of Iona College, posing like he just ran through a brick wall. Named to the NBA all rookie team in 1981/82

290245 Blue Thunder   1982/83

Pedro Guerrero played for the Dodgers from 1978 to 1988. He was the 1981 WS MVP. 

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